This is your blog section. Let other owners know how you’re getting on with your “new pal” and feel free to ask any questions or make any comments about the Petpals range.

  1. Add / Change your Profile Pic (avatar)?

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    We’ve just helped a user add their Profile Pic (avatar) and we thought maybe it would be useful to put some instructions just in case other registered Petpal users find it helpful. At the very top of the page go to ‘My Account’ then go to ‘Profile’ then to ‘Change...
  2. Look what I’ve just seen!

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    The Petpals family was allowed a run around at a trade show last week held at the NEC in Birmingham. Think I can see a Tortoise in the back ground and a Micro Pig on the right. The others are a mixture of Baby Guinea Pigs, Guinea Pigs and Lop...
  3. Want to win a Petpal?

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    Hi. Want to win a Petpal? Every month we’ll be sending out a FREE Petpal to the owner who uploads the best gallery picture. Whether humorous or cute, we’d love to see your pics! Good luck!!!
  4. Here come the Micro Pigs!

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    Here’s a little taster of the new Micro Pig family that will be heading in to shops during February. Seems to be a popular pet at the moment. Anyone in the Petpal community have one as a pet already?