Care & Training Tips

Caring for your Petpal

Vivid Petpals can be extremely loyal, lasting for many years if you look after them well.

Most of the time, they will be quite happy sitting on a windowsill or just guarding a corner of your garden (and they won’t run a way).

It is however a well known fact that Viivid Petpals do not bounce so please be careful when handling your new friend!

So, here are a few general pointers and tips to help you get the most out of your new Petpal :-


Introducing your Petpal to its new home

Open the box carefully.

Your Petpal will be happy to meet you and loves to be stroked and pampered. Open the box carefully








While showing limited emotion, your new Petpal will be delighted to meet you : it should be stroked and pampered as soon as possible.

In the early ownership stages, remember not to leave the box open or unattended as your Petpal may wish to have a nosey round their new home!








If you lose your Petpal at this early stage, it’s probably best to check your brother or sisters bedroom!

Will my Petpal be happy in its new home?








While a Vivid Petpal may not fully communicate all its emotions, it is highly unlikely to be shy and will want to be with you as much as possible!

Renowned for their stillness and limited movement, Petpals are always happy in new surroundings and will be quite happy for you to decide the best place for them to live in your home.

Are Vivid Petpals sociable?

A petpal will be happy in any company but particularly that of another Petpal!








Petpals may also be welcomed with some interest by your existing family pets!








How do two Petpals get on together?

Just keep an eye on them! If they appear to be whispering to each other then any mischief could happen.









Remember, Petpals don’t bounce so antics such as these should be limited or curtailed as soon as possible!